The project

il campanile
Starting from the initiative that is taking place every year for the day dedicated to the charity missions in October, this project aims to be open more days and with more guided tours, introducing visitors to the history of Lecco, of the Church and the well known clock tower, with tours in different languages. This project aims at taking care of the clock tower, symbol of the city, starting from the cleaning and planning the maintenance. This project wants to involve not only the local citizens but also the tourists and the schools that every year visit our city.

In particular, the project aims to:

  • Maintain the monument in good conditions
  • Daily maintainance
  • Planning the extraordinary maintainance
  • Planning exhibitions and events

always keeping the focus on the symbol of our city

Moreover, all the visits are subjected to tips/gratuities.
All the money will be given to some specific charity projects that will be said from time to time, for example:

  • Schools
  • Charity missions
  • After school activities
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Vieni a Lecco

Don't miss the chance to spend an amazing hour in the history of this town, climbing up inside one of the highest clock towers in Europe and get a wonderful view of the city surrounded by the lake and its mountains.


Per contributi e offerte

C.C. BANCARIO Parrocchia San Nicolò
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