The bell tower: The new bells concert

The initial (smaller) Bell Tower was absorbed by the Cathedral extension, there were four/five bells inside that were pretty old though and kept needing maintenance - they were then removed, they melted them and re-forged nine new bells which then came jingling back (the total weight of the Bells is 8.800,00kgs).
According to tradition, each of the nine bells has its own name: starting from the major: Holy Trinity, The Redeemer, Immaculate, Saint Joseph, Saints Nicol and Stefano, Saints Pietro and Giovanni, Saints Ambrogio and Carlo, Saints Antonio da Padova and Francesco dAssisi and the smaller one dedicated to the young Saints Luigi and Agnese.
The Bells were blessed on November 27th 1904 by Parish Priest Confalonieri.
The nine bells started jingling for the first time on Christmas night in 1904the air is now full of a new melody, never heard before.

le campane attualmente
Veduta dalla balaustra del terrazzo sommitale
Dal 1904 il campanile veglia su Lecco


Vieni a Lecco

Don't miss the chance to spend an amazing hour in the history of this town, climbing up inside one of the highest clock towers in Europe and get a wonderful view of the city surrounded by the lake and its mountains.


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