The bell tower: The final phase

The wooden scaffolding hugged the Bell Tower meter by meter and the stability of the Tower was checked regularly.
The funds for the Bell Tower were collected thanks to the many initiatives created by a dedicated committee, whose Secretary was Luigi Vittorio Stoppani starting from 1902: for example, they raised the chair rent in the Church during the Mass from 3 to 5 cents
The advance of the construction is witnessed not only by the daily chronicles of that time but also by the workers signatures that appear on the walls.
The Bell Tower shows clear neo-Gothic elements such as the octagonal map, pinnacle and balconies further to the initial ideas of Engineer Gattinoni like the bricks in view.
As soon as the construction advanced and the only Bells jingling were those of Santa Marta Church Bell Tower, they started thinking about the Bells. We are happy the construction is ended, but it is mute. Should we leave it in such a horrendous silence? wrote the Parish Priest Confalonieri in January 1904.

Il campanile dopo la posa della croce - 1903
Il campanile oggi
Una delle prime fotografie scattate dal campanile - 1904


Vieni a Lecco

Don't miss the chance to spend an amazing hour in the history of this town, climbing up inside one of the highest clock towers in Europe and get a wonderful view of the city surrounded by the lake and its mountains.


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