The bell tower: New projects and continuation of the construction

Despite the lack of money, the first project meant to finish the Tower (above the tower clock) was presented to the Committee but rejected because it was not considered artistic enough to be a part of it.
The engineer Giuseppe Ongania prepared another project to finish the construction this project was then checked and assigned to architect Giovanni Ceruti. The final approval was given by a board made of three architects: Enrico Combi, Carlo Formenti and Gaetano Moretti.
Master Builder Martino Todeschini then went back to work and supervised the third and last part of the construction: they finished by putting the Cross on top on August 4th, 1903.

Appoggio della croce all interno della cuspide
Incise nella malta le firme dei muratori che hanno installato la croce


Vieni a Lecco

Don't miss the chance to spend an amazing hour in the history of this town, climbing up inside one of the highest clock towers in Europe and get a wonderful view of the city surrounded by the lake and its mountains.


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