medieval city walls

There are no precise information about the conformation of the medieval city walls. It is possible, however, to suppose that the village fortification started by Azzone Visconti was triangular-shaped and that it kept this structure until it was dismantled. There were three main doors: Milano door was close to the castle and faced south; Santo Stefano door faced north; and Nuova (or Soccorso) door faced east. At that time Lecco and its fortification were so important that Milan authorities themselves frequently solicited its restoration and maintenance works. And intensive works were made in 1479, when the battlements, the castle tower and the ravelin of Santo Stefano door were rebuilt.
As it is evident from the reports on these reconstruction works, the defensive structure needed to be renewed, but was really well-structured: not only did each door have a defensive ravelin, but a Batteria (a half-moon-shaped defensive bastion) was also added to the Nuova door and several defensive towers were built to reinforce both the castle and bell tower (the bell tower itself had a considerable military importance as it was a key place to guard the crenellated walls, which were surrounded by a moat), while the port was fortified and the culverts linked the main defensive areas.



Vieni a Lecco

Don't miss the chance to spend an amazing hour in the history of this town, climbing up inside one of the highest clock towers in Europe and get a wonderful view of the city surrounded by the lake and its mountains.


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