Let’s go up the bell tower..

All the information you need.

A record height

The Bell Tower of Lecco is 96 meters tall and is among the highest in Europe.
Thanks to the “Bell Tower Volunteers" project it is possible to visit
on scheduled dates.


To the top

All visits are accompanied by a guide and last about an hour. It is a unique experience that takes visitors through history from the origins of the ancient tower, up to the panoramic balcony located above the bells.


360 ° view

396 steps to marvel at the majestic bells up close and the spectacular surrounding landscape.
We recommend comfortable shoes, long pants and… a camera for beautiful photo memories!


Under the bells

An image is not enough: you have to stop under the Holy Trinity bell to admire its grandeur.


That’s not all ...

For the more courageous visitors, the climb continues with a surprise: the balcony above the bells offers a spectacular bird’s eye view.


Are you ready?

Prepare for your visit: please read the information below and follow the rules to protect yourself and other visitors.

The activity of the Bell Tower Volunteers is not for profit, and the visit is supported by OFFERINGS. The proceeds from the visits are donated in turn to selected solidarity projects of which the guide will inform you at the end of each tour.

During your visit, please follow these important rules to ensure everyone’s safety.

·     Wear a mask at all times (covering both nose and mouth). (covering nose and mouth).

·     If your body temperature is above 37.5°C when measured on the spot, or if you are experiencing flu symptoms, please return home.

·     Keep social distance of at least 1 metres (3 feet) from other visitors.

·     Sanitise your hands with the alcohol-based solution from the dispensers located inside the spaces

·     During this period, for anti-Covid security reasons, the visit route will stop at the bell floor.

·     We recommend comfortable shoes, long pants for the climb and a camera to take beautiful photo memories!

·     Bulky bags or backpacks are a hindrance: at this time the locker area is not accessible, so please bring small bags to keep during your visit.